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Kill Site ‑ This is an area where animals were killed and/or butchered In Texas, bison is the faunal type most often associated with this site type Bonfire Shelter (41VV218) in Val Verde County is one of the best-known kill sites in Texas This is a stratified bison jump site with associated butchering floors

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Most Clovis sites represent kill or processing camps found in the western United States dated between 12,000 and 13,000 years ago The Rummells-Maske points were initially discovered over an area of about twenty feet in a cultivated field The University of Iowa excavations in 1966 uncovered an additional number of points and point fragments in .

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Archaeological sites are not just villages and camp sites, but kill sites, quarry sites, lookout sites, and ceremonial sit As long as archaeologists are aware of these problems and the recovered sample is applied only to appropriate analyses, results can be useful in reconstructing subsistence-


1223 Quarry Sites In archaeological terms, a quarry or mine site is where there were evidences of material, such as, stone or metal ore were mined for use as building material or for tool manufacture Quarries are interesting to archaeologists, because the€sources€of raw materials found on archaeological sites help to know trade

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- raw material type - use-wear analysis Faunal Analysis Species identification, butchering practices (hints at diet, economy, lifestyles) , Types of Archaeological Sit 1 Habitation/ Occupation 2 Kill Sites 3 Butchering Sites 4 Quarry Sites 5 Lithic Workshop (stone tool manufacturing site) 6 Ceremonial Sit

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Davis WMA based on their potential to contain precontact period archaeological sit , The site type list is summarized below in Table 2 Within the Arthur Davis WMA, areas that could be archaeologically sensitive that district , quarry workshops, kill sites, and find spots (see Table 2) 73 Table 2 List of expected site types in .

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Lithic Quarries: Quarry or "lithic procurement" sites are places where outcrops of flint (chert) occur, either eroding from the limestone bedrock or as ancient gravel deposits left tens of thousands of years ago by ancient rivers Prehistoric peoples made extensive use of flint rocks, so much so that chipping debris can often be found scattered .

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Any location with detectable evidence of past human activity Includes HABITATION SITES, KILL-SITES, QUARRY SITES, ROCK-ART sites, BURIAL sites, etc SITE SURVEY: The process of searching for and describing archaeological sites in a given area SOIL-SAMPLE: A quantity of soil, site matrix, or sediments collected for physical, or chemical analysis

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This volume introduces three archaeological sites found on the outskirts of Calgary, which date between 7,000 and 8,000 years ago The Everblue Springs site (EgPn-700), the Gooseberry Kill (EgPn-625) and the Snack Site (egPn-633) are all early bison kill sites found in association with an assemblage of large corner notched projectile points

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The site contained late prehistoric and historic components, including bison kill remains Phase II evaluation of Sites 13DM1117 and 13DM1123 for the Flint River Trail project, Des Moines County, Iowa One site is a Late Woodland habitation site; the other is a site of unknown prehistoric affiliation

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Jun 08, 2015· Together, these artifacts lend new depth to the already ample record of ancient hunts — including three bison-kill sites that are even older — in a region of the southern Plains known as the Beaver River complex “The Beaver River complex is unique, because it is revisited numerous times during the Paleoindian period, and so much has been preserved for our research,” said Dr Kristen .

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Nov 24, 1998· Overlapping with Folsom is the Agate Basin complex, as defined by the bison kill site of this name in east central Wyoming ()It is identified by a projectile point very different but apparently every bit as lethal as the preceding ones (Fig 3d)The Hell Gap complex first was recognized at the site with the same name in southeast Wyoming and appears to have developed directly out of the .

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There are many different kinds of sites - habitation sites, animal kill sites, stone quarry sites and burial ground sites - each requiring particular methods of excavation In general, however, to record the relationships between artifacts, features and samples, archaeologists first map and grid a site, establishing squares of uniform dimensions

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In 1964, while draining a marshy field on the Schaefer Farm, an hour north of Chicago, an earthmover jolted to a halt when it struck a buried mammoth femur, throwing its operator from his seat .

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Kill Sit Kill sites are the locations where hunters have killed one or more animal(s) in the past The most well known example of a kill site on the Plains is a bison jump Past hunters took advantage of topographical features such as cliffs, ravines, coulees, and sand dunes to stampede and kill bison

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Topper site, Brent Tharp of the Georgia Museum of Natural History, Georgia Southern University, and Tim Zissett Illustrations are by Darby Erd References Cited Frison, G 1986The Colby Mammoth Site, Taphonomy and Archaeology of a Clovis Kill in Northern Wyoming University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque CRP 26, 2009 SMALLWOOD/GOODYEAR 119


- Camp-sites , Wor ks hops ites, Quarry-sites , Kill-sites/slaughter-sit Camp-sites, in our experience with West Bengal archaeology, are larger in number as such sites are widely distributed in the entire districts of Chhotanagpur plateau and fringe area There are sites where the inhabitants lived for any length of time, prepared tools and .

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Animal kill sites will often be found near mineral licks or river crossings Quarry sites can be found in the high mountain pass Early historic accounts of travel and interviews with contemporary First Nations people can provide information about traditional use of the Banff area, and the significance of different types of sit

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The park’s documented prehistoric archeological sites from the slopes of the mountain include evidence of long-term base camps, short-term hunting camps, kill sites, butchering sites, food storage spaces, and places where raw materials for stone tools were extracted Mount Rainier NP remains a place important to traditionally associated peopl

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•Name and describe the various types of sit-Living or habitat sites – most important, where people liveShow how peoplelived-Kill sites – places where people killed game, show food choices and stuff -Ceremonial sites – religious abd ritual observations (Ziggurat – temple mound)-Burial sites – tombs and cemetaries, -Trading and quarry sites – specialized activites took place .

type site archaeology kill sites quarry sites

KILL SITES, KILLING GROUND AND FLUTED POINTS AT THE VAIL SITE PDF 文件 What may have been the quarry of hunters from the Vail site who lay in ,ARCHAEOLOGY OF EASTERN , the Vail habitation site and kill site #1 giving sites ,


TYPES OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES AND DEPOSITS 55 48 Distinction Between Deposit and Site 55 , Quarry Sites 115 80 Workshop Sites 116 81 Agricultural Areas 117 , 109 Locating House and Dwelling Sites 167 110 Locating Kill Sites 167 111 Locating Camp Sites 168 112 Locating Shelter Sites 169 113 Locating Cave Sites 170

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fluted lithics (Sites 40HS60, 40HS200, and ~OBN18) The fourth site isquite different Un­ like the rest of the sites on the lake, this one (40BN190) is a combination of a quarry/work­ shop locality and a series of fluted point base camps The site, called Carson-Conn-Short ' ,

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Jan 07, 2015· An Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Chert Extraction Sites in the Vicinity of Peoria Quarry, Ottawa County, Oklahoma (2013) The Hill and the Kill: National Register Testing of 34EL200 and 34EL211, Ellis County, Oklahoma Archeological Resource Survey Report No 65 (2013) Archeological Survey of Bois D’Arc Creek, Kay County, Oklahoma

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This is an abstract from the "SAA 2019: General Sessions" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology The Blackwater Draw Locality 1 site provides one of the most unique perspectives of Paleoindian behavior in North America Spatial evidence surrounding faunal and lithic assemblages have inspired researchers to hypothesize site function to represent kill .

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at the Kassel site, a base camp, and the nearby Blue Dart site, a short term, special purpose activity area, likely a kill site or butchering station These single component sites furnish the first excavated assemblages of this Archaic manifestation from Ontario and, along with an acceptable radiocarbon date of 8320 ± 60 B P, help to .

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The claimed caribou kill site near Vail meets the Criteria for such a site despite lack of organic remains: numerous tip fragments of fluted points, some of which match bases from the domestic site across the river (Ewing 1981; Gramly 1984a) Lepper and Meltzer suggest (1991) that searching for kill sites in the East may be a futility supported .

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May 25, 2014· The Waugh site bison kill and camp is just across the divide to the north The large kill at the Lipscomb site is along a tributary to Wolf Creek, which dumps into the North Canadian just downstream from the Cooper site These and other Folsom sites attest to a significant presence of these bison hunters on the southern Plains

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Larger tailing piles overlap one another suggesting that they have experienced more than one episode of growth due to repeated quarry activity The second quarry type occurs on steeper slop These are near-vertical quarried faces which range from 1 to nearly 3 m in height Excavation here has occurred both inwards to the slope and downwards

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DATASET Jennifer Haas Artifact database from 32MO0296-0306-1374-1375 The database contain the lot books from 32MO296, 32MO306, 32MO1374, and 32MO1375, as well as the inventory and photo log for all four sit All flakes from all four sites are pulled together in a table, as well as all flakes from all four sites greater than 2 mm

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