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Combo Stone Crusher Class Aqw Stonecrusher - aqwnless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under creative commons attribution-sharealike 30 license the stonecrusher class arrives friday stone crusher is a unique legendary mallet decreasing enemy defense by the hit and high chances of inflicting a crushing blow, stone crusher is particularly

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Its a party class Since magnitude gets better chances of proccing when theres many ppl in a room So use something else :3 And pls dont use luck Wiz enchancements already gives high luck stat so you dont need luck ench to get a higher crit on your 5 and its better to rely on your 5 DoT since it can be a massive DoT when the fight take so long

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Shaman is a non-member class obtained by ranking your arcangrove reputation It is a really solid farming and soloing class and one of (if not the best) reputation class And with obtaining shaman, u get to work towards stonecrusher which is also a really solid soloing/support class Really good non-member classes include: Archpaladin .

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Purchase from the Class Shop from Ragnar in /Battleon I don't recommend doing this method, though Get Infinity Titan instead (see below) StoneCrusher - Free (Reputation) Complete the Brightoak Grove storyline Use this guide if you need some help Once you've completed it, .

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Aqw stonecrusher boss solo guide aqw stone crusher class could kill the boss fast because of its get price stonecrusher aqworlds wiki draw upon the strength within the earth to conjure a barrier of stone applies shielded reducing ining damage for the ca Read More Aqw Stone Crusher ,

Arch Paladin Class Complete Guide ~ AQW World

Nov 24, 2017· First you have to be a member to purchase Paladin Class to complete "Legendary Paladin's Vow" Quest, or Second, if you have 2000 ACs then you can buy Silver Paladin Class and sell it for 1800 ACs after you complete "Silver Paladin's Vow" Quest As for the chain of quests it is relatively easy to get, what makes it hard to get this class is only the matter of time

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October 7, 2020 at 8:50 PM × Lol this is not the best class in the game Void Highlord is the best class in the game and this is the 2nd best The only places where this class has the upper hand on Void Highlord is in Support(which you shouldn't even be using it for since Stonecrusher and Lord of order exist) and Farming(its the undisputed best farming class in the game)


This video will show you how to get STONECRUSHER CLASS on aqwRequirements:rank 10 - arcangroverank 10 - mythsongrank 10 - brightoakthat's it//don't forget t.

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Jun 26, 2020· AQW Best Farming Classes Updated As of 6/26/2020 Best Farming Classes on AQW - If you are an AQW player you must be thinking which one is the best farming class on AQW to make your farm more efficiently, but before that you also might be bored to use the same class overtime, so today i want to tell you about my opinion which classes is the best for farming, which you can ,

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you have shaman, which is good for farming The next logical class for you to go for would be stonecrusher, a good soloing class that requires rank 10 archangrove, mythsong, and Brightoak Archangrove is the hardest of the 3 to get to rank 10 and you already have it and mythsong Stonecrusher works as both a soloing class and a support

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Jul 09, 2016· In this video, i'll show you how to get Stonecrusher class For free :)The things you need:-Rank 10 Mythsong-Rank 10 Brightoak-Rank 10 Arcangrove-Must finish .

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Stonecrusher class and soloing Stonecrusher is the best free support class in the game at the moment it is in fact so good at supporting that it can support itself well enough to make itself a viable soloing class i assume whoever reads this knows basic info about the class such as

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Aug 20, 2019· VHL is the strongest class free players can get But for actual damage though that title goes to Chrono Dragon Knight(Easy 2m crits with boosts) But pretty much all chrono classes are the very definition of Pay2Win especially all the latest chronos like Eternal Chronomancer and Shadow Stalker of Time Best Support hands down is Stone Crusher

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Jan 28, 2016· How to get the StoneCrusher Class Unlock our newest Tier 2 Class immediately for 2000 AdventureCoins in the Battleon class shop or reach find it in the Brightoak Rep Shop To access the rep version of the Class, you'll need the following: ,

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To get stone crusher class aqw you can get it by ACs or by merging it, if you buy it with ACs, you can bought this class with 2000 ACs and you don't need to do all the quests and hardwork to get this class, But if you want to get it free by doing merge, Then this is the requirements to get the AQW Stone Crusher Class: Need Rank 10 Brightoak

AQW Stone Crusher Ultimate Guide ~ AQW World

AQW Stone Crusher Ultimate Guide - Hello, i would like to share to you about how to get one of the best support class and a class that could solo high HP Boss within a short amount of timeAnd i will tell you on how to get stonecrusher class, AQW best enhancements for stone crusher or AQW stone crusher enhancements, AQW stone crusher combo, and AQW stone crusher shop

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Stonecrusher in aqw class free 2020-5-9location stonecrusher class merge shop gaiazor location price merge the following earth39s song token x1 shaman armor x1 100000 gold sellback 25000 gold weapon damage 100 20 speed description recommended enhancement healer infuse the natural magic of shaman with the power of mother earth herself apply the tried and tested support aspects of bard ,

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Best Solo Classes Aqw (38 New Courses) Highlord Newhotcourses Related Courses ›› Best soloing classes would be (IMO): Void Highlord (Ridiculous farming requirements), ArchPaladin, Legion DoomKnight (Seasonal), StoneCrusher (Great support class as well), Ultra OmniKnight (rare), LightCaster (Seasonal) or Dragonslayer General (A lot better on Dragons of course) Personal ,

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Apr 06, 2020· Aqw Corrupted Chronomancer Combo Zagonproxy Yt Aqui está uma explicação de how to get stone crusher class aqw aqui O administrador blog Várias Classes 2020 compartilha informações e imagens relacionadas ao how to get stone crusher class aqw que estamos procurando do compartilhamento de recursos The Stonecrusher Class Arrives Friday

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AQW How To Get StoneCrusher Class Full Walkthrough - YouTube

Dec 26, 2018· dmbot : https://mediafire/file/1s06snx97jx03jg/superfastBrightoakRepBotdmbot/fileLEBOT : mediafire/file/f7jr57dj5xg98r4/Le_Botrar/file

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Get Oracle for free in the class shop- useful if youre gonna solo for the first few levels get Blood Sorceress cuz it can do farming (once you reach 50, upgrade to Scarlett), farm Arcangrove rep for Shaman class (arguably the best farmer), Doomwood for ,

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Aqw how to get free classes 2016 2017 get now price for mobile stone crusher aqw stonecrusher guide the god class youtube jan 30, 2016look below to see enhances and weapon range weapon range stable enhances 3 wizard 1 luck on the helm this class is so strong guys so strong that ill be making a couple videos upon this class

Fastest way to Rank 10 for specified Reputation ~ AQW World

Jun 15, 2020· FASTEST WAY REPUTATION Updated As of 6/15/2020 Hello guys, i will tell you one of the fastest way to increase your reputation using an easy quest but requires Membership, therefore to rank up your reputation faster, but it would only work for some faction, which is: Dwarfhold faction Good faction Evil faction Yokai faction Vampire faction

Ravinos Brightglade - AQW

Ravinos Brightglade Don't come any closer! Nevana, one of Brightoak's top peacekeeper, now backstabbing general for the corrupted Druid Queen, has poisoned the World Tree and my home With her attack on Brightoak and stealing of the Celestial Horn of Balance, the backlash morphed my powers of purity into a touch of poison

What class to buy? : AQW

I don't recommend getting classes from the AC Class Shop btw because I feel like you would be wasting your AC's best one to get there is Stonecrusher (best support class in the game) but you can get that class for free if you pick the Infinity Titan bonus package since it includes a class thau is basically a re-skin of Stonecrusher you're .

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Aug 28, 2017· Sup guys, my name is S3RK and welcome to another video on the channel!Hope that you enjoyed the video and be sure to leave a like and sub!Qotd: What is your .

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Feb 13, 2019· Stone Crushing Machine How To Get Stonecrusher Class Discussion Strongest AQW Class MPGH MultiPlayer Aug 21 2019VHL is the strongest class free players can get But for actual damage though that title goes to Chrono Dragon KnightEasy 2m crits with boosts But pretty much all chrono classes are the very definition of Pay2Win especially all the latest chronos like Eternal ,

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